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What is CarFix?
CarFix is a mobile application that allows you to request for roadside assistance.

Is CarFix a workshop?
No. We work closely with a panel of workshops registered under us.

What operating system platform is it supported for?
It’s currently supported for both iOS and Android smart phones.

Getting Started

Do I have to be a registered user to use CarFix?
Currently, no, you will need to key in a valid mobile number for our agents to contact you.

Auto Assist

What happens when I submit a request?
Your case will be filed and our call centre will get in touch with you.

How would I know if my case have been submitted?
You will receive a mobile notification on your updates and progress.

What’s the price for the listed services?
The price of each service varies and will be given by our call centre representatives.

It says policy not found, what should I do?
Call the given number and our call centre will guide you through.

How long does it take for my assistance to arrive?
It will typically take an hour before they arrive during peak hours.


Why can’t CarFix detect my location?
Make sure your GPS function is turned on and all permissions are allowed for CarFix.

My GPS cannot narrow down my location.
Alternatively you can call our CarFix call centre for a request.

My errors are not listed here.
You can send us a bug report.